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Hays and Silva Handyman services: I hired Paul (who stated he was the owner of Hays and Silva) to install a new sink, new dishwasher and new electric range.Paul assured me that he had tons of experience installing dishwashers, etc.

The next day a guy named Ed shows up late. Then, a couple hours later, Paul shows up and they installed the stuff and I paid them in cash $240 as they said they wouldn't take a check or a credit card. Here's the really crappy part: As of today which is 12 days since the work was done, all I have is more problems that will require me to spend more money to fix. Also after they left the job, I realized that the electric range installation instructions were never opened, then I realized that the d/w manual and install instructions were missing altogether.

Guess what!!! I found the d/w install instructions and its manual still encased in its plastic bag at the bottom of my garbage can! Apparently, these bozos didn't think that I cared about the paper work that came with the d/w as they had thrown away the entire d/w paperwork. These guys did really shoddy work and here are the awful results of their install: Dishwasher's cooper water delivery line or valve doesn’t work so d/w doesn't get any hot water and the d/w door won't open properly as these guys didn’t bother to measure and then enlarge the existing 23 and 5/8 inch gap to the prescribed 24 inches per the install instructions (instructions which they never opened).

Even worst, after the sink install, the main drain pipe below the sink is severely leaking, and the garbage disposal has excessive amount of play (apparently it was not reinstalled tightly after they installed the sink). Also, the d/w has a huge gap between the top of the d/w and the underside of the counter. You can clearly see the screw flanges… very rough looking. They didn’t put back the floor/base board either.

So anyway, 3 days later, I ran the d/w for the first time and was dismayed to find that the d/w wasn't getting any water in, so I called Paul and set up an appointment for them to come back to fix this and the other "issues". But THEY NEVER SHOWED UP A SECOND TIME TO FIX ANYTHING even though Paul had confirmed that they would be back to fix the issues. Time for the second appointment came and went (3:00 pm), so I called Paul at 4 pm and Paul stated that he wasn't coming but that "Ed will be there any moment". By 5 pm still nobody showed up then I called Paul an hour later at 6 pm, but by then I guess he must have decided not to respond to my calls just went to some anonymous voice mail.

So, be very leery of these outright liars and cheats.

Do yourself a favor and don’t waste your money, time and energy and don't deal with "Paul" and "Ed" with "Hays and Silva".Paul's phone is 916 226-0957 and the company number on their website is 916 533-8125.

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